Blood Crazy three & Protos

Simon Clark — praised by THE WASHINGTON POST as an exponent of the 'inventive' and the 'fast-moving'. 

After some delay, we are pleased to announce that Blood Crazy Book 3: Aten Present, by Simon Clark, will be published in paperback and on Kindle worldwide on Wednesday July 10th 2024. Though Blood Crazy is an ongoing series, and the story of Nick Aten and his friends will go on, this third book rounds off an era within that world, bringing together and resolving the threads that ran through the original novel and the second one, centred around Jack Ranzic.

How will the two groups rub along together? What will be the outcome of the changes taking place within the Creosotes, as exemplified by Myra, a ‘Creosote-Plus Type’, according to Martin Del-Coffey’s designation. Del-Coffey plays a big part in the new book, as does another ‘old favourite’ character Tug Slatter, together with Nick’s partner Sarah. Unpredictable events erupt, leading up to a violent and truly hair-raising climax!

Part of the delay in the publication of Blood Crazy Book 3 was down to juggling with Simon’s involvement as screenwriter of the Protos film project, which recently premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Simon has completed a novelisation of Protos, based on his screenplay co-written with Brian Avenet-Bradley, and we are pleased to announce that Darkness Visible will be publishing this exciting dystopian thriller! Also, the first three chapters of Protos will be included as bonus material in Blood Crazy Book 3  to whet your appetite.

More details to follow soon!

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