Literary Stalker — Coming Sept 2017

Roger Keen branches into new territory with a psychological crime/thriller containing horror overtones, set within the milieu of the British horror, fantasy and sci-fi writing community.

Literary Stalker is also metafictional, using the device of novels-within-novels and exploring the interface between fiction and its sources in reality. In this respect, it builds on Roger’s previous book, the ‘novelistic memoir’, The Mad Artist, based on his experiences as an art student...and writing about them.

At heart Literary Stalker a revenge story, with narrator Nick Chatterton committing ‘murder by novel’ – making a hit list of his enemies within the genre-writing world and bumping them off fictionally, emulating Vincent Price in Theatre of Blood.

But as Nick get further and further into writing his novel, the boundaries between making things up and doing them for real begin to blur. He is progressively sucked into his own fictional world and events conspire to unhinge him completely. Finally, he crosses the line and goes all the way into his blood-splattered destiny.

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